Hi and welcome to the Raw Files! My name is Marta and I’m an amateur food photographer. I’ve been doing food photography in my small home studio for a couple of years now. Somehow I feel I still have lots to experience before I can call myself a true professional. Every time I learn something new […]

So you’ve just started with food photography and you’re oh so excited about it. You are trying to photograph every dish you make, often in the evening when you’re done with work. Your head is an active volcano, erupting with new ideas every waking hour[…]

Photoshop’s Generative AI is a true wonder. I’ve read quite a bit about it and I’ve seen people making it do amazing things. I have tried it myself before, but nothing too serious, just playing around. Now it was time to get serious […]

Beverage photography is great fun, but very challenging technically. Think of unwanted reflections, melting ice cubes, foam and condensation disappearing with the speed of light, dust specks visible everywhere, and those gnarly specular highlights in the glass. It takes quite some knowledge of studio lighting, a handful of tricks up one’s sleeve […]

When I started with food photography I didn’t have any backdrops. I photographed on a white surface and changed the background color in Photoshop. It’s fun to do because you can choose any color you can imagine, but it’s very labor-intensive and time-consuming. I don’t recommend it for beginners unless […]

I got so fed up with that annoying “How it started vs. How it’s going” meme on Instagram that I decided to make my own. There were some funny ones out there, but also plenty of pretentious displays of unrealistic success too. Like, last year I did this, and now I’m on the cover […]